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>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fantasy_M  Do these creatures look like Pokémons? Well they are not. I called them Guardians of Spirits, and I made them up with my imagination.

  The stones on each of their heads represent birthstones. Spirits Guardians have the powers to move around humans without the human noticing them.
  Water Guardians have different meanings. The one closest to the top is named Aqua. She represents how clean the water is. The fins on her arms can glow long enough to clean pollutions and chemicals from the water that got into the ocean. Walter, the one to left

, represents the power of water. He can control how strong the waves is. Pearl, the one closest to the bottom of the section, Water, represent the emotions of water. She have three tails. One mean happiness when the water is bright and blue. The second one mean sorrow when the water looks gray and lonely. The last one mean angriness when the water look mad.( My friend used to think the older drawings of them are octopus.)

  Air, the Guardian of Air is name Windy. She have wings for ears. Her ability is to move really fast, so she can travel all around the world to check on air pollutions. 
  Light Guardian, I base it on an eerie. Bright or sometime I called him Sun, have the power to blend into sunlight.
  The Fire Guardian is named Flames. I based her on a phoenix. If you earn her trust, her flaming wings won’t burn you.(I got this idea from Pokémon. Ponyta’s flames can’t hurt you if you are its friend.)(Sorry if you can’t see her on the picture.) 
The Ice Guardian, Violet, is based on a cat part rabbit. Her special powers is teleporting from place to place and through time. 
Guardians of Nature are Grass and Green.(Grass is the one on top, and Green is the one on the bottom.) They are twins and is the youngest of all the Guardians. They are known for their playfulness and cheerfulness throughout nature. 
Igneous, Guardian of Earth (Earth, as in rocks.), is a dragon. He is known for his strength. 

Lighten, Guardian of Thunder, represent electricity. His spiky fur looks like a thunder bolt.

The drawing was finished on March 17, 2009

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